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Privacy Policy
Apolonia Ancient Art - the "premier" online gallery - is very adament about protecting the privacy of our exclusive group of clients and customers. Apolonia does not share with any third parties any information regarding the identities of our clients and customers, any information relative to their purchases, and any financial and/or credit card information. Apolonia Ancient Art also has a secure data base, and a secure "Contact Information" order form, which can be utilized for purchasing an item by pushing the "Order" button that is seen with each individual item. We can then email you an invoice from our processor "Square" or "PayPal", and you may then use the credit card of your choice. Apolonia Ancient Art also believes that all of our clients and customers have an "Inherent Right to Privacy", as it is their money that is making their purchases. In addition, once a piece is offered on our website, any information regarding that piece relative to photos and pricing is not offered to any third parties. Any photos seen on this website, along with their descriptions, are the sole property of Apolonia Ancient Art. Any attempt to copy, and/or download, and/or alter any and all photos/descriptions seen on this website is strictly prohibited by law. If a piece is offered on this website with "Price on Request", Apolonia Ancient Art will offer this price at the sole discretion of Apolonia Ancient Art.

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