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This scarce Egyptian terracotta lion head bust dates to the Ptolemaic Period, circa 323-30 B.C., and is approximately 2 inches high, by 2.5 inches wide from ear to ear. This piece has a very serene expression, and is a scarce type, as most depictions of Egyptian felines are small cats that are usually depicted in bronze. The feline seen here is likely a young lion, as there are long fur details seen running along the lower jaw, and large eyes centered above a thick snout. This piece may have been part of a larger figure that had a wooden body, and was from a composite type piece. This piece is a light tan terracotta, and has exceptional incised details within the ears, nose, and eyes. This piece is intact, save for some stress cracks and minor stabilization fill at the back. This piece is also solidly mounted on a pin within a custom wooden display stand. A very esoteric Egyptian piece that has a great deal of eye appeal. (Another scarce Egyptian terracotta of this type is seen in the British Museum, acc. no. 2011.5009.288. This piece is also thought to represent Bastet.) Ex: Desmond Morris collection, Oxford, UK, circa 1970's-1990's. Ex: Private UK collection, circa 2000's. (Note: EU Export and US Customs Import documentation is included for the purchaser.) I certify that this piece is authentic as to date, culture, and condition: