Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Flawless & Powerful Chimu Blackware Feline Aryballos
Mint Quality Greek Hellenistic Two-Part Red Ware Pyxis
Superb Greek Silver Triobol of Achaian League with Zeus Bust
Flawless Greek Apulian Xenon-ware Kylix with Red Swan Tondo
X-Rare Near Eastern & Egyptian Bronze Slashing Sword
Two Matching Ordos Bronze Animal Wolf (?) Plaques with Prey
Intact & Powerful Early Moche Seated Dignitary
Roman Bronze Portrait Bust of a Young Caracalla: Ex Sotheby's
Three Superb Roman Bronze Coins of Gratian
Rare Greek Bronze Coin of Amphaxitis with Herakles Bust
Roman Silvered Bronze Seal Ring with Young Woman (Octavia Minor?)
Complete & Cute Zapotec Green Serpentine Seated Monkey Pendant
Mint Quality Roman Dark Aubergine Glass Jar with Zigzag Trailing
Beautiful Greco-Roman Hellenistic Gold Pendant/Brooch with Agate
Mint Quality Greek Apulian Menzies Painter Lidded Mug: Ex Waltz
Mint Quality Greek Illyrian Helmet with Superb Patina: Ex Guttmann
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Powerful Luristan Bronze Panther Head Finial with Open Mouth
Intact Daunian Askos with Attractive Geometric Designs