Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Mint Greek Apulian Lidded Mug: Ex Kantharos Group
Pleasing Roman Young Goddess Marble Portrait Bust
Intact & X-Large Colima Standing Ceremonial Shaman: Ex Sothebys
Scarce Chavin Grayware Bottle with Stylized Avian Design: Ex Marschall
Intact & Appealing Large Greek Terracotta Bust of a Goddess: Ex M&M
Superb & Intact Roman Bronze Attis Applique with Lively Face
Persian Illuminated Manuscript Page depicting Hunters
X-Rare & Tinned Roman Bronze Legionary Armor Plaque with Standing Mars
Nayarit Standing Warrior with Helmet and Barrel Armor: Ex Marschall
Scarce & Intact Greek Attic Black Glazed Glaux Skyphos: Ex Piehler
Scarce & Complete Greek Bronze Amulet of the Fertility Goddess Baubo
Exceptional Greek Silver Hellenistic Fibula with Decorative Elements
X-Rare & Intact Moche Man Vessel with Facial Deformity: Ex Edelman
Mint Quality and Vibrant Greek Apulian Lidded Mug: Ex Stoke-on-Trent
X-Rare Esoteric Nazca Ceremonial Heart Vessel: Ex Sackler Foundation
Superb & Intact Mayan Orange Glazed Bowl with Detailed Glyph Band
Complete & Detailed Byzantine Bronze Cross with Silver Inlaid Design
Scarce & Complete X-Large Mayan Green Jadeite Tube (Smoke Tube?)