Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
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Scarce & Attractive Hellenistic Greek Silver Cup with Esoteric Shape
X-Large Greek Lead Sling-Bullet with Inscription
Superb Greek Iron Javelin Spearpoint and Butt Spike
Very Rare Kebren Silver Diobol with Bust of Korai
Mint Quality and Large Greek Attic Black Glazed Kylix with Palmette
Powerful and Scarce Greek Mycenaean Heavy Bronze Double-Ax
Mint and Rare Greek Messapian Trozella with Delicate Floral Patterns
Superb Greco-Roman Helmeted Marble Bust of a Young God/Alexander
Dainty and Mint Greek Attic Black Glazed Kylix with Irridescence
Beautiful Graeco-Roman Nude Bronze Aphrodite Anadyomene Figurine
Dainty and Superb Greek Attic Lekythos with Palmettes
Greco-Roman Hellenistic Bronze Bull-Head Steelyard Scale Weight
Detailed Greco-Roman Bronze Theater Mask Applique Bust
Three Intact Greek Corinthian Vessels: Circa 6th century B.C.
X-Large & Esoteric Greek Geometric Period Bronze Saucer Bead
X-Large and Mint Quality Greek Hellenistic Spindle Amphora Flask
Intact & Beautiful Large Greek Terracotta Bust of a Goddess: Ex M&M
Mint Quality Greek Illyrian Helmet with Superb Patina: Ex Guttmann
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