Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
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Intact & Attractive Greek Boeotian Blackware Kantharos: Ex Piehler
Extremely Rare Greek Silver Epirote Drachm with Obverse Legend
Mint Greek Apulian Alabastron with Persephone Bust
Scarce & Attractive Hellenistic Greek Silver Cup with Esoteric Shape
Rare & X-Large Cycladic Marble "Stargazer" Kilia Type Head: Ex Berk
Intact Greek Hellenistic Terracotta Figurine of Nude Aphrodite
Superb Greek Silver Triobol of Achaian League with Zeus Bust
Dainty and Mint Greek Attic Black Glazed Kylix with Irridescence
Intact & Appealing Large Greek Terracotta Bust of a Goddess: Ex M&M
X-Large Greek Apulian Knob-Handled Patera Plate: Ex Ganymede Painter
Intact & Rare Greek Ram-Headed Votive Rhyton
Beautiful & Esoteric Greek Terracotta of a Kore: Ex M&M
Superb & Intact Greek Iron Javelin Spearpoint and Butt Spike
X-Large and Rare Greek Attic White-Ground Votive Lekythos
Mint Quality and Large Greek Attic Black Glazed Kylix with Palmette
Beautiful & Esoteric Greek Terracotta of a Nude Aphrodite: Ex M&M
Intact Greek Attic Kylix with Control and Ownership Lettering
Attractive Greek Sikyon Silver Stater with Chimaera and Dove