Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of artApolonia Ancient Art
About Us
Apolonia Ancient Art Gallery - is the "premier" online gallery - and we have been in the trade for 41 years. We are pleased to offer only the finest ancient art that is available on the market today. Look at our pieces, and compare the quality of our objects with our competitors, and we are confident that we are offering a superior product at very competitive prices. In addition, our prices are fixed, and we do not charge an additional 24.5% buyers fee commission as most Internet auction sites. One can also easily purchase an item by selecting the "Order" button seen with each item, and completing our secure "Contact Information" order form, and we can email you an invoice with our processor "Square" or "PayPal", and you may then use the credit card of your choice. In addition, Apolonia Ancient Art offers a "Bill of Sale" invoice, and an "Authenticity Certificate" (COA) document that includes a full description, the condition, and the known provenance for each object, and in addition, Apolonia Ancient Art unconditionally guarantees the date, culture, and condition for each piece. All significant restorations are noted. Every object purchased by Apolonia Ancient Art has been legally acquired with clear title, and some objects are noted with additional documentation. (This additional documentation may include copies of invoices, EU export certificates, US Customs documents, prior owner affidavits, bills of sale, TL tests, etc.) Apolonia Ancient Art is also a holder of a "US Customs Bond", and if an object is imported into the US, all of our objects are imported through our brokers. Apolonia Ancient Art also discourages the collecting and selling of objects that have been brought into the market from "conflict zones". Apolonia Ancient Art is a full member of the "AIAD" (Association of International Antiquities Dealers - https//aiad.org.uk), and the "ATADA" - (Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association - www.atada.org ), and adheres to their "Code of Conduct" and "Trade Practices and Standards" regarding all transactions. We also research each piece relative to its provenance, and the provenance information we are aware of is listed with the description of each object. Once an object is "sold", the object is usually removed from the web site within a reasonable amount of time, unlike the majority of web sites that leave "sold" objects on their web sites for many years. Apolonia Ancient Art can also collect test samples from your pieces for authenticity "TL test" on behalf of Kotalla Lab in Germany. Apolonia Ancient Art works with the "Art Loss Register" based in London, and many of the pieces offered here have been cleared with their data base. Apolonia Ancient Art has also worked with the FBI, Interpol, and US Customs relative to stolen works of art. Apolonia Ancient Art accepts most major credit cards, certified check, personal check, and wire transfer. Florida residents must pay an additional 7% sales tax if purchased in Florida and not shipped out of state. Shipping is generally via FedEX or UPS, and custom packing is the norm for delicate and/or expensive objects. The cost of shipping and/or packing is $25.00 for Domestic, and $60.00 for International, and is sometimes negotiable between Apolonia and the purchaser, depending on the object and where it is being shipped. The total charges for the object, shipping, and packing is confirmed by email to the purchaser. Apolonia Ancient Art does not ship to some countries in Africa, S.E. Asia, and the Middle East. Please read our "must read" book "Into the Antiquities Trade" which is an important resource for both the amateur and advanced collector. Kindle version is now available at: http://www.amazon.com.

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