Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Attractive & Superb Large Mayan Cylinder Vessel with Large Glyph Bands
Intact & Complete Roman Bronze Crossbow Fibula with Cross Design
Intact & Scarce Greek Boeotian Terracotta Figurine of a Nude Young Man
Huge Greek Standing Votive Mother Goddess
Complete & Intact Near Eastern Sumerian Banded Marble Fox Stamp Seal
Greek Gold Tubular Designed Talisman Pendant with Glass Paste Inlay
Rare Archaic Greek Marble Griffon "Table Leg" Trapezophoros
Intact & Attractive Greek Boeotian Blackware Kantharos: Ex Piehler
Exceptional Egyptian Glazed Steatite Scarab Amulet with Standing Bes
Medallic Large Flan Greek Athenian "New Style" Silver Tetradrachm
Interesting Roman Bronze Sestertius as Scale Armor
Beautiful & Intact Byzantine Ring with Gold Gilt & Brilliant Garnet
Complete & Detailed Byzantine Bronze Cross with Silver Inlaid Design
Exceptional FDC Roman Gold Aureus of Faustina Junior
Intact Chancay Votive Child and Crib Textile Doll: EX Marschall
Rare & Appealing Bactrian Carved Triangular Garment/Armor Fittings
Mint Quality & X-Rare Greek Messapian Column Krater with Waves
Attractive & Intact Roman Bronze Ring with Stylized Seated Dog