Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
X-Rare & Complete Greek Bronze Jewelry Mold for a Gold & Silver Acorn
Rare Egypto-Phoenician Steatite Jewelry Mold with Nude Goddess
Beautiful Graeco-Roman Nude Bronze Aphrodite Anadyomene Figurine
Powerful Luristan Bronze Panther Head Finial with Open Mouth
Intact Chancay Votive Child and Crib Textile Doll: EX Marschall
Rare and Debased/Fourree Roman Silver Denarius of Lucius Verus
Intact & Powerful Moche Seated Prisoner with Rope Tie: Ex Sotheby's
Mint Quality and Scarce Greek Xenon Plate with Goddess Bust
Scarce Greco-Near Eastern Gold and Agate Brooch with Triangles
Ten Scarce and Complete Votive Miniature Greek Corinthian Ceramics
Large and Vibrant Nazca Globular Vessel with Spirit God: Ex Marschall
Rare & Complete Roman Glass & Turquoise Pendant with Young Deity
X-Rare Moche Man Head Vessel with Facial Deformity: Ex Fischer
Eight Complete Greek Sling Bullets with Two X-Large Examples
Extremely Fine and Scarce Greek Sikyon Silver Obol with Apollo Bust
Rare Chontal Anthropomorphic Face/Vegetable Pendant: Ex Merrin Gallery
Superb Greek Silver Drachm of Philip III Minted by Antigonos
Scarce Near Eastern Sassanian Steatite Ellipsoid Animal Seal