Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Intact & Attractive Large Greek Terracotta Bust of a Goddess: Ex M&M
Complete Greek Terracotta Applique of a Young Herakles/Alexander
Seven Round & Intact Greek Gold Armor Button Studs
Scarce & Exceptional Greek Hellenistic Core-Formed Glass Alabastron
Interesting Roman Bronze Sestertius as Scale Armor
Attractive Greek Sikyon Silver Stater with Chimaera and Dove
Mint Quality Greek Apulian Menzies Painter Lidded Mug: Ex Waltz
Costa Rican Bow-Drilled Jade Necklace with Celt God Pendant
Primitive & Intact Chontal Fertility Mother Goddess Holding Breasts
Intact & Scarce Romano-Egyptian Votive Terracotta Nile Perch Fish
Intact & Appealing Large Greek Terracotta Bust of a Goddess: Ex M&M
Intact Chancay Votive Mother and Child Textile Doll: Ex Marschall
Viking Fine Designed Bronze Bracelets with Intricate Details
Scarce & Complete X-Large Mayan Green Jadeite Tube (Smoke Tube?)
Late Roman/Byzantine Bronze Bracelet with Stylized Floral Designs
Attractive & Intact Roman Bronze Ring with Stylized Seated Dog
Scarce & Intact Colima Water Carrier with Detailed Jar: Ex Sothebys
X-Rare & Mint Quality Hellenistic Greek Canosan Cast Glass Plate