Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Huge Greek Standing Votive Mother Goddess
Intact & Powerful Moche Seated Prisoner with Rope Tie: Ex Sotheby's
Rare & Intact Greek Apulian/Gnathian Baby Feeder with Strainer
Attractive Greek Sikyon Silver Stater with Chimaera and Dove
Scarce Urnfield Culture Votive Geometric Designed Bronze Armlets
Scarce & Complete Mayan Votive Throne Altar Model with Facing God
Superb Greek Silver Drachm of Philip III Minted by Antigonos
Complete & Detailed Roman Gold Earrings with Shield Emblems
Intricate Roman/Celtic Silver Trumpet Brooch Fibula
Dainty & Complete Greek Silver Straining Spoon with Five-Holed Bowl
Dainty & Superb Greek Bronze Oinochoe with Elongated Strap Handle
Superb & Complete East Greek Silver Ladle: Ex Pierre Berge
Scarce & Complete Roman Bronze Military Horse Saddle Belt Cinch Handle
Scarce Greek Attic Vessel Stand with Concentric Circles: Ex Piehler
Mint Quality Egyptian Faience Bastet Lion Headed Goddess Amulet
Viking Fine Designed Bronze Bracelets with Intricate Details
Superb Quality Greek Silver Thasos Tetradrachm with Muscular Herakles
Animated & Superb Roman Bronze Cute Cherub with Gold Gilt Toga