Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Exceptional Basalt Bust of the Aztec Goddess Mayahuel: Ex Marschall
Scarce & Appealing Roman Bronze Votive Horse with Silver Wrapping
Intact & Detailed Greek Bronze Fluted Kalyx Bowl with Floral Pattern
Scarce & Complete Atlantic Watershed Volcanic Stone Joined Couple
Exceptional Greek Bronze Ceremonial Phiale with Gold Gilt
Scarce & Esoteric Egyptian Terracotta Lion Head Bust with Serene Face
Intact & Superb Egyptian Green Faience Shabti with Esoteric Face
Rare Greco-Roman Bronze of Alexander the Great's Horse Bucephalus
Mint Quality Large Roman Glass Plate with Exceptional Golden Patina
Rare Egyptian Faience Offering Cup with Cartouche of Merenptah
Intact & Scarce Chimu/Inka Seated Priest with Sacred Spondylus Shell
Intact & Two Matching East Greek Kylix Cups with Black Glaze
Expressive Jama-Coaque Bust of a Shaman with Facial Tattoos
Mint Quality Roman Glass Jug with Exceptional Encrusted Patina
Complete & Scarce Votive Gold Muisca "Tunjo" Warrior/Priest Figurine
Extremely Rare & Appealing Greek Bronze Frog Fibula: Ex Malter
Intact & Lively Roman Bronze Dolphin Handle with Beautiful Patina
Massive Vicus/Early Mochica Gold Gilt Bronze Ceremonial Pectoral