Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Mint Quality & Beautiful X-Large Roman Glass Jug with Five Cut Bands
Mint Quality and Attractive Roman Glass Bottle with Flat Rim
X-Rare & Mint Quality Hellenistic Greek Canosan Cast Glass Plate
Exceptional & Scarce Miniature Masterpiece Roman Silver Eagle Figurine
Superb & Complete East Greek Silver Ladle: Ex Pierre Berge
Detailed & Powerful Roman Bronze Silenus Applique Bust
Superb Red Sandstone Stele Fragment with Nagas: Ex Sotheby's
Roman Bronze Portrait Bust of a Young Caracalla: Ex Sotheby's
Rare Italo-Etruscan Geometric Bronze Long-Necked Horse Pendant
Complete & Intact Near Eastern Sumerian Banded Marble Fox Stamp Seal
Into the Antiquities Trade Book
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La Collezione Archeologica Del Banco Di Sicilia
Rare & Complete Near Eastern Sassanian Bronze Votive Goat Figurine
Rare & Mint Moche Sacrificial Rite Vessel with Six Figures: Ex Benger
Scarce Near Eastern Luristan Bronze Armlet with Chevrons
Interesting Roman Bronze Sestertius as Scale Armor
Philip II Bronze (AE) 18 Coin with Superb Patina
Near Eastern Sassanian Carnelian Seal with Noble Bust
Intact & Extremely Rare Greek Attic Two-Part Blackware Pyxis
Intact & Dramatic La Tolita Terracotta Votive Simian/Shaman Mask
Rare & Complete Superb French Carved Caryatid Panels
Scarce Near Eastern Sassanian Steatite Ellipsoid Animal Seal
X-Large Near Eastern Anatolian Marble Seal with Stylized Ibex
Three Intact Greek Corinthian Vessels: Circa 6th century B.C.
Scarce Greek Geometric Period Bronze Bead Necklace
Unique Italic Late Renaissance Plaque with Seated God Figure
Large Erotic Egyptian Wooden Female Procession Model Figurine
Extremely Fine Greek Hemidrachm of Neapolis
X-Rare Greek Apulian Oinochoe with Theatrical Mask: Ex Truro Painter
Flawless Greek Attic Black Glazed Stemmed Cup with Iridescense
Mint Quality Greek Late Bronze Age Period Ossuary Lidded Vessel
PC Art of Mexico & Central America Book: Mint Copy
Intact & Complete Olmecoid Standing Polychrome Mother Goddess
X-Rare & Mint Quality Early Islamic Glass Flask with Iridescence
Mint Quality Greek Attic Black Glazed Stemless Kylix
Flawless and Esoteric Greek Hellenistic Period Olpe: Ex Bonhams