Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Mint Quality & Beautiful X-Large Roman Glass Jug with Five Cut Bands
Mint Quality and Attractive Roman Glass Bottle with Flat Rim
X-Rare & Mint Quality Hellenistic Greek Canosan Cast Glass Plate
Exceptional & Scarce Miniature Masterpiece Roman Silver Eagle Figurine
Superb & Complete East Greek Silver Ladle: Ex Pierre Berge
Detailed & Powerful Roman Bronze Silenus Applique Bust
Beautiful & Detailed Greek Bronze Fluted Kalyx Cup with Floral Pattern
Superb Red Sandstone Stele Fragment with Nagas: Ex Sotheby's
Roman Bronze Portrait Bust of a Young Caracalla: Ex Sotheby's
Rare Italo-Etruscan Geometric Bronze Long-Necked Horse Pendant
Complete & Intact Near Eastern Sumerian Banded Marble Fox Stamp Seal
Into the Antiquities Trade Book
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La Collezione Archeologica Del Banco Di Sicilia
Intact Jama-Coaque Seated Shaman with Coffee Bean Symbols
Rare & Complete Near Eastern Sassanian Bronze Votive Goat Figurine
Rare & Mint Moche Sacrificial Rite Vessel with Six Figures: Ex Benger
Scarce Near Eastern Luristan Bronze Armlet with Chevrons
Interesting Roman Bronze Sestertius as Scale Armor