Rare & Intact Romano-Egyptian Micro-Mosaic Cut Glass Tile of Horus

This rare and intact Roman-Egyptian micro-mosaic cut glass tile of Horus dates to the Ptolemaic Period, circa 332-31 B.C., and is approximately 1.3 cm high, by 1.1 cm wide.  This piece is also translucent and is very analogous to the Christie's example that is from the Groppi collection, see Christie's Antiquities, London, April 2012, no. 87.  "This exceptional piece has vibrant colors, and may be from the same workshop as the noted Groppi example."  Ex: Private Swiss collection, circa 1970's-1980's.  Ex: Private German collection, circa 2000's.  (Note: Additional documentation is available to the purchaser, including EU Export and US Customs Import documentation.)  $3,675.00.