Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of artApolonia Ancient Art
Sales Policy
Apolonia Ancient Art has a guarantee that each piece is as described, as to date, culture, and condition. You may also pay direct with a credit card using our secure payment form by pushing the "order" button seen with each item. Apolonia Ancient Art offers a money back guarantee if an object is found not to be authentic, and/or is not as described relative to date, culture, and condition. Apolonia Ancient Art's money back guarantee is subject to our costs relative to shipping, and in addition, is subject to a 2.9% charge to cover our credit card bank charges, if any. Apolonia Ancient Art accepts most major credit cards through our secure order form, although personal and bank checks are preferred. Wire transfers can be arranged as well. If a purchase is made in the state of Colorado, a 6.5% sales tax is added to the purchase if it is not shipped out of state. Apolonia Ancient Art does not ship with any third party shippers. Apolonia Ancient Art warrants clear title to each and every object, and if the buyer is unknown to us, Apolonia Ancient Art does not ship the object until the object is paid in full. International purchases may be final at the discretion of Apolonia Ancient Art. Apolonia Ancient Art does not ship to some countries in the Middle East, Africa, and S.E. Asia. Apolonia Ancient Art is a full member of the "AIAD" (Association of International Antiquities Dealers - https://aiad.org.uk), and adheres to it's "Code of Conduct" regarding all transactions.

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