Apolonia Ancient Art offers the finest ancient arms and armor, antiquities, artifacts, coins, and ancient works of art.
All items are fully researched, and are guaranteed as to date, culture, and condition.

Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of artApolonia Ancient Art

Mint Greek Corinthian Helmet
Kevin Cheek - Owner/Director
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Apolonia Ancient Art:
Apolonia Ancient Art - the "premier" online gallery - offers exceptional antiquities, artifacts, coins, and ancient works of art seen on the market today, and in addition, our leading online site offers comprehensive documentation for each piece. We also specialize in ancient arms and armor, and have handled many of the important pieces bought and sold on the global market. The majority of the top quality pieces offered by Apolonia Ancient Art are completely intact, with no repair and/or restoration, and an authenticity certificate (COA) guarantees each object as to date, culture, and condition. Apolonia Ancient Art offers top quality ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, and pre-Columbian objects that also have a high degree of art. We have over 40 years of experience in the trade, and this experience and knowledge is seen relative to the detailed descriptions and extensive research of the superb objects offered here. Visit our gallery in beautiful Cherry Creek North in Denver, and you will be able to view our timeless works of art. ( By chance or appointment, please call 303-321-7351.) See our "must read" book below.

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Into the Antiquities Trade Knowledge and Experience:
If you are a neophyte or an advanced collector, our book "Into the Antiquities Trade" is a valuable resource and a "must read" for every collector. *** Call 1-888-795-4274, or order online at http://www.amazon.com! Kindle version is also available. This book can also be ordered at your local bookstore, or through Google. *** ISBN Hardcover: 1-4134-3194-1 ISBN Softcover: 1-4134-3193-3.

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